The all-mountain free-surf binding
Ideal for freestyle, freeride and surf slashing
- 3-D Toe straps EVA combo
- Tool-less adjuster straps
- Nylon, recycled carbon post
- Buckles 2.0
- Hanger 2.0 Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass
- Highcup compatibility
- Flushcup technology
- 4x4 and EST disc included / 50%GF nylon
- Flex hinge highback
- Weight: 908 grams
- Lifetime Warranty (Baseplate)
Flex rating

The Mercury binding is designed for the all-mountain rider who needs supreme edge control and comfort balanced with a more maneuverable, medium stiff flex. The Mercury will respond instantly to your every move thanks to NOW Skate Tech technology that transfers your energy directly to your edges. The Mercury’s Flex Hinge highback offers solid support while absorbing chatter and eliminating calf-bite. The Mercury can be set up in Surf mode or Freeride mode by switching bushing and swapping the Flip-It ankle straps. Surf mode offers maximum tweak-ability, Freeride mode offers maximum response.



  • Creates a fulcrum that magnifies edge to edge energy transfer through leverage.
  • Made from stainless steel with 4mm Allen key hardware.


  • Creates a lever that pivots on Kingpin.
  • Transfer energy input from straps to bushings and onto board edges.
  • Baseless design allows for even board flex.
  • Made from Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass.
  • Hanger flex rating: 8


  • Main contact point to board.
  • Applies energy directly to edge and dampens board chatter.
  • Customizable dampening system.


  • The connection between binding and board.
  • Bolts to board with 4x4 disc or Channel disc.
  • Attached to Hanger with Kingpin.
  • Made from Nylon and recycled Carbon.
Flex hinge

Designed for balanced response and flex.

Comfortable Flex Hinge technology dampens chatter and eliminates calf-bite.

  • Higher medial side follows leg angles, lateral side hook for added support
  • Flex Hinge technology dampens chatter and eliminates calf-bite
  • Pre-rotated ten degrees
  • Tool-less forward lean adjustment
  • Highback Flex Rating: 6
Bindings technology
Front and sides
3-D Toe straps EVA combo
Tool-less ankle strap adjuster
Nylon, recycled carbon post
Buckles 2.0 triple action
Flushcup technology
Freeride mode/Surf mode ankle strap
EVA padding
Hanger lifetime warranty
Tool-less toe strap adjuster
Hanger 2.0 nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass
High-cup compatibility
4x4 and EST disc included/50% GF Nylon
Flex-hinge highback
Tool-less forward lean adjuster

Boot Fit
Use this chart to find the right binding for your boot size.